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1. (+)-Biotin
[water-soluble, enzyme cofactor present in minute amounts in every living cell; occurs mainly bound to proteins or polypeptides and is abundant in liver, kidney, pancreas, yeast, and milk. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005575) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance; Vitamin
51. Bioinorganic Chemistry
[A field of chemistry which pertains to the study of inorganic compounds or ions in biological systems. ( MSH )] (UMLS (NCI) C0007999) =Occupation or Discipline ;
[A study most often used to compare the efficacy of different formulations to treat a given disease. It is the testing of an old versus a new formulation in healthy volunteers or subjects with the disease under study and usually in one dose. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0039789) =Functional Concept
52. BIOLF-62
(UMLS (NCI) C0701309) =Nucleic Acid, Nucleoside, or Nucleotide; Pharmacologic Substance
3. bioaccumulation
[process by which a compound or its metabolites accumulates (is not excreted) in an organisms' tissues over the life span of the organism; concentration of the compound increases up the food chain. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0311432) =Organ or Tissue Function =Intermediary Metabolism;
53. biolistics
[Techniques where DNA is delivered directly into organelles at high speed using projectiles coated with nucleic acid, shot from a helium-powered gun (gene gun). One of these techniques involves immunization by DNA VACCINES, which delivers DNA-coated gold beads to the epidermis. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0376638) =Molecular Biology Research Technique
4. bioartificial liver
[Devices for simulating the activities of the liver. They often consist of a hybrid between both biological and artificial materials. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0336562) =Medical Device
54. Biologic
[science concerned with the phenomena of life and living organisms. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005532) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
5. bioartificial organ
[Artificial organs that are composites of biomaterials and cells. The biomaterial can act as a membrane (container) as in BIOARTIFICIAL LIVER or a scaffold as in bioartificial skin. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0599700) =Medical Device ;
55. Biologic
[In medicine, a substance made from living organisms or things they produce, such as a vaccine. Some biologicals stimulate or restore the ability of the immune system to fight infection and disease. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0205460) =Functional Concept
6. bioartificial prosthesis
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599701) =Medical Device ;
56. Biological
(UMLS (HL7) C1548762) =Intellectual Product =Risk Codes;
◊ [The dangers associated with normal biological materials. I.e. potential risk of unknown infections. Routine biological materials from living subjects. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1551397) Idea or Concept EntityRisk;
7. Bioassay, qualitative
[Bioassay, qualitative ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0201826) =Laboratory Procedure =ObservationMethod;
57. Biological Agent
[medicinal preparations made from living organisms or their products; venoms, enzymes may be indexed with this term; typically antibiotics and chemically pure biochemicals should not be indexed with this term, also narrower terms animal extract, plant extract, immunological substance or tissue/cell preparation should be considered. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005522) =Pharmacologic Substance; Biologically Active Substance
8. Bioassay, quantitative
[Bioassay, quantitative ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0201827) =Laboratory Procedure =ObservationMethod;
58. biological basis of behavior
[an organismic approach to the study of behavior; as of 1991, used as a heading term for all biological subdisciplines of psychology. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0871172) biopsychology;
psychobiology =Occupation or Discipline ;
=Behavioral Genetics;
physiological psychology;
molecular psychobiology;
9. bioavailability of drug
[The extent to which the active ingredient of a drug dosage form becomes available at the site of drug action or in a biological medium believed to reflect accessibility to a site of action. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005508) =Quantitative Concept ;
59. biological clock
[physiological mechanisms that govern the rhythmic occurrence of certain biochemical, physiological, and behavioral phenomena in plants and animals. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005511) =Organism Function ;
10. bioavailable
[The ability of a drug or other substance to be absorbed and used by the body. Orally bioavailable means that a drug or other substance that is taken by mouth can be absorbed and used by the body. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0935763) =Qualitative Concept
60. biological fluid transport
[movement of fluids such as blood, water, semen, or saliva through a biological system; can be across cell membranes and epithelial layers and also can occur within intracellular compartments and extracellular compartments. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596172) =Molecular Function ;
=biological transport;
11. Biocarbazine
(UMLS (NCI) C0728898) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance ;
61. Biological Function
[An activity that occurs between organisms or that occurs within an organism and involves the function, or modification of function by external factors, of biologic molecules, biologic complexes, subcellular components, cells, tissues, organs, or organ systems. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0277784) =Biologic Function
12. Biochemical
[Of or relating to biochemistry; involving chemical processes in living organisms. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0205474) =Functional Concept
62. biological information processing
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0596173) =Laboratory Procedure ;
hormone regulation/control mechanism;
neural information processing;
13. biochemical evolution
[evolution at the molecular level of DNA sequences and proteins and other biochemicals; studies of amino acid and nucleotide sequences provide useful information about the genetic relatedness of certain species. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0178506) =Functional Concept ;
63. Biological Marker
[a biological, physiological, behavioral, or molecular indicator of a process, disease, or system; e.g., fish mortality and pollution, behavioral changes and alcoholism, neuroendocrine system changes and aging. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005516) =Qualitative Concept ;
14. Biochemical Genetics
[A branch of genetics which deals with the chemical structure of the genes and with the mechanisms by which the genes control and regulate the structure and synthesis of proteins. ( MSH )] (UMLS (NCI) C0017401) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline
64. biological model
[system or process studied in one organism to learn about the same system or processes in another organism; may be manipulated to demonstrate the effects that various actions will have on the system, process, or organism as a whole. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0026339) =Research Device; Intellectual Product =model;
15. Biochemist
(UMLS (HL7) C1619824) =Intellectual Product =Specialist/Technologist, Other;
65. biological pest control
[The use of biological mechanisms, usually involving living organisms such as bacteria, for the reduction or regulation of the population of noxious, destructive, or dangerous pests. Environmental concerns have focused attention on natural forms of disease control as potentially safe and effective alternatives to chemical pesticides. This has led to increased efforts to develop control strategies that rely on natural predators and parasites or that involve genetically engineered microbial pest control agents. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0031250) =Human-caused Phenomenon or Process
16. biochemistry
[chemical reactions of living cells; science concerned with all aspects of the chemistry of living organisms. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005477) =Occupation or Discipline ;
66. biological polymorphism
[existence of a species in several forms independent of the variations of sex; the property of crystallizing in two or more forms with distinct structure. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596174) =Organ or Tissue Function ;
17. biochemistry of learning
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598890) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
67. Biological Psychiatry
[An interdisciplinary science concerned with studies of the biological bases of behavior - biochemical, genetic, physiological, and neurological - and applying these to the understanding and treatment of mental illness. ( MSH )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005523) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
18. Biochemistry, Manometry
[Measurement of the pressure or tension of liquids or gases. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0024751) =Laboratory Procedure
68. biological response modifier
[a diversity of reagents employed for nonspecific active immunization; used to enhance the immune response; 4 major groups: bacterial products, synthetic molecules, cytokines, and hormones. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005525) =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
19. biochip
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0872110) =Research Device ;
69. Biological Response Modifier Therapy
[(by-o-LAHJ-i-kul...)Treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune system to fight infections and other diseases. Also used to lessen side effects that may be caused by some cancer treatments. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005527) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
20. biocoating
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0872111) =Chemical Viewed Functionally ;
70. Biological Rhythm
[A biologically inherent cyclic variation or recurrence of an event or state, such as the sleep cycle, circadian rhythms, or periodic diseases. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0871665) Biological Rhythm and Oscillation;
=Organism Function ;
21. biocompatibility
[compatibility and incompatibility of biomaterials depends on a number of factors, including elements of toxicology, immunology, surgical technique, implant design, motion, mechanics, porosity, material surface properties, and biorecognition. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596177) =Molecular Function ;
=Cell Mediated Immunity;
=biomaterial interface interaction;
71. Biological Sciences
[All of the divisions of the natural sciences dealing with the various aspects of the phenomena of life and vital processes. The concept includes anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and biophysics, and the biology of animals, plants, and microorganisms. It should be differentiated from BIOLOGY, one of its subdivisions, concerned specifically with the origin and life processes of living organisms. ( MSH )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005526) =Occupation or Discipline ;
22. biocybernetics
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597992) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
72. biological signal transduction
[any process which helps to produce biological responses to events in the environment or internal milieu; e.g., transduction of light into nerve impulses by the retina, or transduction of hormone binding into cellular events by hormone receptors. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0037083) =Cell Function ;
=calcium flux;
receptor coupling;
visual phototransduction;
second messenger;
23. biocytin
[biotin in amide linkage with the epsilon amino group of lysine; occurs in the holoenzymes for which biotin is the coenzyme. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0053625) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Biologically Active Substance ;
=aminoacid analog;
73. biological transport
[movement of materials (including biochemical substances and drugs) through a biological system at the cellular level; can be across cell membranes and epithelial layers and also can occur within intracellular compartments and extracellular compartments. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005528) =Cell Function ;
24. biodefense
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C1328848) =Activity; ;
74. bioluminescence
[emission of visible light in living cells, caused by catalytic chemical reactions, without emitting a corresponding degree of heat; found in certain organisms such as fireflies, jellyfish, fungi, and bacteria. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0162404) =Biologic Function ;
25. biodegradable microsphere
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597999) =Biomedical or Dental Material ;
75. Bioluminescence
(UMLS (NCI) C1367880) =Laboratory Procedure ;
26. biodegradable polymer
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597998) =Organic Chemical; Biomedical or Dental Material
76. Biomagnetic imaging
(UMLS (HL7) C1547103) =Diagnostic Procedure =Modality;
27. biodegradable product
[product that incorporates a resorbable characteristic that causes it to break down over time; frequently used for surgical materials, implants, vaccine vectors, drug delivery systems, etc. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0872311) =Biomedical or Dental Material ;
77. biomagnetism
[biological magnetic fields are produced by bioelectric phenomena (such as neural conduction) or ferromagnetic metal deposits in cells; use BIOMAGNETISM MEASUREMENT to index externally induced biomagnetic fields. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596175) =Natural Phenomenon or Process ;
28. biodegradation
[Elimination of ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS; PESTICIDES and other waste using living organisms, usually involving intervention of environmental or sanitation engineers. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005482) =Natural Phenomenon or Process ;
78. biomagnetism measurement
[detect the presence of a metallic object or measure the intensity of a magnetic field; electric fields which are highly sensitive to perturbation by magnetic fields are used to measure biomagnetism, including those of bodily organs such as liver and brain. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596176) =Laboratory Procedure ;
= ;
29. Bioelectric Energy Sources
[Implantable devices which convert biological energy (chemical energy of the metabolism of continuously regenerating body fluids or mechanical energy of periodic movements) to electrical energy. The sources include biogalvanic cells, biofuel cells, and ionic concentration cells. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005485) =Medical Device ;
79. biomaterial
[synthetic or industrial materials intended for use in contact with human tissues. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005479) =Biomedical or Dental Material ;
30. bioelectricity
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598362) =Physiologic Function ;
80. biomaterial development
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0920683) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
31. bioenergetics
[the study of energy transformations in living organisms. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005486) =Organism Function ;
81. biomaterial development/preparation
[synthesis or manufacturing of synthetic or industrial materials intended for use in contact with human tissues. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596178) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
=technology/technique development;
32. bioengineering
[interdisciplinary field that applies physical, chemical, mathematical sciences and engineering principles to the study of biology, medicine, behavior, and health. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005539) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
82. biomaterial evaluation
[evaluation of synthetic or industrial materials intended for use in contact with human tissues. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005480) =Research Activity ;
33. bioethics
[A branch of applied ethics that studies the value implications of practices and developments in life sciences, medicine, and health care. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005489) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
83. biomaterial interface interaction
[the physiological response of tissues where the biomaterial encounters the tissue. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0920352) =Molecular Function =biocompatibility;
=antithrombogenic surface
34. biofeedback
[feedback loop consists of an organism, its response, and a method of detecting and displaying the response. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005491) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
84. biomaterial interface phenomena
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0596179) =Molecular Function ;
35. biofeedback conditioning
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0871664) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
85. biomaterial preparation
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0920400) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline
36. biofilm
[multilayers of microbial cells glued together to form microbial communities which are highly resistant to both phagocytes and antibiotics. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0081786) =Bacterium =microorganism growth;
86. biomathematics
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599828) =Occupation or Discipline ;
37. Bioflavonoid
[Naturally occurring flavone or coumarin derivatives having the activity of the so-called vitamin P, notably rutin and esculin. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0005492) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
87. biomechanical engineering
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598005) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
38. biogenic amine
[A group of naturally occurring amines derived by enzymatic decarboxylation of the natural amino acids. Many have powerful physiological effects (e.g., histamine, serotonin, epinephrine, tyramine). Those derived from aromatic amino acids, and also their synthetic analogs (e.g., amphetamine), are of use in pharmacology. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005496) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance; Neuroreactive Substance or Biogenic Amine; Hormone
88. biomechanics
[study of the application of mechanical laws and the action of forces to living structures. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005537) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
39. Biogenic Amine Metabolism
[Biogenic Amine Metabolism involves anabolic and catabolic biochemical changes to a type of nitrogen containing hydrocarbons (biogenic amines) involved in signaling as neurotransmitters or hormones or as components of vitamins, phospholipids, or ribosomes within a cell as materials needed for important life processes. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1156922) =Molecular Function
89. Biomed 101
[A substance that is being studied for its ability to decrease the side effects of interleukin-2 (IL-2). ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0879447) =Pharmacologic Substance ;
40. biogerontology
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0205767) =Occupation or Discipline ;
90. Biomed 101/Interleukin-2
(UMLS (NCI) C0879448) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
41. biography
[Works consisting of an account of the events, works, and achievements, personal and professional, during a person's life. It includes articles on the activities and accomplishments of living persons as well as the presentation of an obituary. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0005504) =Intellectual Product ;
91. biomedical automation
[applies to execution and control of biomedical tests and other procedures, including data processing, by computer-controlled or other equipment which can function more or less independently of human personnel. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0178508) =Machine Activity ;
computer assisted medical decision making;
automated medical record system;
automated health care system;
computer assisted patient care;
electronic recording system;
magnetic recording system;
42. Biohazard
(UMLS (HL7) C1548761) =Intellectual Product =Risk Codes;
92. biomedical device power system
[devices that supply energy to biomedical equipment; includes batteries, power supplies, electricity, solar radiation, etc, that make the equipment run; in implants may include devices which convert biological energy (chemical energy of the metabolism of continuously regenerating body fluids or mechanical energy of periodic movements) to electrical energy. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0178509) =Medical Device ;
=Medical Devices;
43. biohazard
[Material contains microorganisms that is an environmental hazard. Must be handled with special care. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550588) =Idea or Concept =infectious;
93. Biomedical Engineering
(UMLS (HL7) C1552377) =Professional or Occupational Group =Specialist/Technologist, Other;
44. Biohazard
[A biological or chemical substance that exerts toxic or pathologic effects on living entities. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0079021) =Hazardous or Poisonous Substance
94. biomedical equipment
[any instrument used in biomedical research or medical practice. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0025080) =Medical Device =bioengineering;
flow cytofluorometry;
Electromagnetic, Laser;
particle accelerator;
biomedical device power system;
aminoacid analyzer;
radiation detector;
hypodermic needle;
gas analyzer;
clinical biomedical equipment;
electronic stimulator;
particle counter;
consumable/disposable biomedical equipment;
portable biomedical equipment;
miniature biomedical equipment
45. biohazard containment
[procedures, facilities, programs and equipment for containing hazardous biologic agents by way of physical and biological barriers; physical containment involves the use of special equipment, facilities, and procedures to prevent the escape of the agent. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0009848) =Occupational Activity =disease/disorder prevention/control;
95. biomedical equipment development
[planning, design, preparation and development of devices, equipment or parts of equipment used in medicine and research; includes feasibility testing; post coordinate with type or piece of equipment being developed; for prosthesis and implants consider BIOMATERIAL DEVELOPMENT/PREPARATION. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0178511) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
=technology/technique development;
46. biohazard detection
[testing for the presence of harmful chemical or biological agents; includes intentional (bio or chemical warfare) or accidental, as well as laboratory accidents with hazardous items. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C1171302) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
disease/disorder prevention/control
96. biomedical equipment purchase
[purchase of instrumentation and equipment for facilities, not for its development or usage; index at 'P' emphasis level on S10 and S15. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596181) =Qualitative Concept ;
=biomedical facility;
47. biohybrid implant
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597989) =Molecular Biology Research Technique ;
97. biomedical equipment resource
[a source of supply of biomedical devices or equipment. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596182) =Intellectual Product ;
=biomedical resource;
48. bioimaging
[imaging of biological systems and phenomena; use as a tag term at the T emphasis, refer to Indexing Manual for list of terms that apply with this tag; may be indexed at P emphasis if narrower term is not applicable. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0872020) bioimaging/biomedical imaging;
biomedical imaging =Intellectual Product ;
tag term
98. biomedical equipment safety
[aspects of the design and construction of biomedical equipment related to its safety; e.g., durability of supportive equipment such as patient lifting devices, nonabrasive padding of orthotics, electrical safety of powered devices, etc. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0178512) =Occupational Activity ;
=injury prevention;
49. bioincompatibility
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0920399) biomaterial incompatibility =Molecular Function
99. biomedical facility
[biomedical laboratory, research, equipment or instrumentation facilities; use at 'P' emphasis level on subproject cores. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596183) =Manufactured Object; Health Care Related Organization =biomedical resource;
=Health Care Facility;
building/facility design/renovation;
animal colony;
biomedical equipment purchase;
computer center;
50. bioinformatics
[use of computers in solving information problems in the life sciences; mainly involves the creation of extensive electronic databases on genomes, protein sequences, etc. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C1140694) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline =informatics;
=molecular biology information system;
100. Biomedical Photographer
(UMLS (HL7) C1552378) =Intellectual Product =Specialist/Technologist, Other;

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