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1. J
[Maxillary left second primary molar ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0227094) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component =Primary dentition;
51. JC Polyomavirus
[isolated from brain of patient with progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy; antibodies found in man, suggesting it is a common infection; experimentally virus is highly oncogenic in new-born hamsters. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0022369) =Virus ;
2. J
[The fundamental unit of electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy (as well as work and quantity of heat) in the SI system, equal to the work done when a force of one newton acts through a distance of one meter or the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second. Joule is equal to 0.23889 gram-calorie (mean). ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0439256) =Quantitative Concept =UnitOfMeasureAtomInsens;
52. JCML
[A rare form of childhood leukemia in which cancer cells often spread into tissues such as the skin, lung, and intestines. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0349639) =Neoplastic Process
3. J segment gene
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598663) =Gene or Genome
53. JE
[Regular weekends (Saturday and Sunday excluding holidays) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550752) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviation;
4. J-107088
[A substance that is being studied as a treatment for cancer. It belongs to the family of drugs called topoisomerase I inhibitors. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0909002) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance ;
54. Jeghers-Peutz Syndrome
[An inherited condition characterized by generalized hamartomatous multiple polyposis of the intestinal tract. Transmitted in an autosomal dominant fashion, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome consistently involves the jejunum and is associated with melanin spots of the lips, buccal mucosa, and fingers. This syndrome is associated with abnormalities of chromosome 19. Also known as Jeghers-Peutz syndrome and Peutz's syndrome. —2004 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0031269) =Disease or Syndrome =Intestinal Polyps;
Familiar Neoplastic Syndrome;
5. J01, J02
(UMLS (HL7) C1549868) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
55. Jehovah's Witnesses
(UMLS (HL7) C0574791) =Idea or Concept =Religious Affiliation;
6. J591
[Monoclonal recombinant antibody J591 (mAb HuJ591) recognizes the extracellular domain of prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a cell surface peptidase highly expressed by malignant prostate epithelial cells and vascular endothelial cells of numerous solid tumor malignancies. Early results of clinical Phase I and II studies indicate that mAb HuJ591 represents targeted therapy to PSMA and has therapeutic potential in disseminated prostate cancer and other urological and solid tumor malignancies and did not result in a host immune response to the antibody. (NCI) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1312991) Monoclonal Antibody J591 =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
56. Jejunal Neoplasm
[Tumors or cancer in the JEJUNUM region of the small intestine (INTESTINE, SMALL). ( MSH )] (UMLS (NCI) C0022374) =Neoplastic Process ;
=intestinal neoplasm;
Jejunal Diseases
7. JA
[eastern Asian country comprising islands in the western Pacific, capital Tokyo. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0022341) =Geographic Area ;
57. jejunectomy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0192632) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
8. Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus
[A herpesvirus of sheep associated with pulmonary adenomatosis ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0887881) Ovine Jaagziekte Virus;
Sheep Pulmonary Adenomatosis Virus;
=Virus ;
58. jejunectomy/duodenectomy/ileectomy
[excision of the jejunum, duodenum or ileum, or any combination of the three. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596808) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
=intestine surgery;
9. Jackson Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California
(UMLS (HL7) C1554331) =Population Group =NativeEntityContiguous;
59. jejunocolostomy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0400315) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
10. Jacksonian epilepsy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0234978) =Disease or Syndrome
60. jejunoileal bypass
[A procedure consisting of the SURGICAL ANASTOMOSIS of the proximal part of the JEJUNUM to the distal portion of the ILEUM, so as to bypass the nutrient-absorptive segment of the SMALL INTESTINE. Due to the severe malnutrition and life-threatening metabolic complications, this method is no longer used to treat MORBID OBESITY. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0022375) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
11. Jacksonian Seizure
(UMLS (NCI) C0022333) =Disease or Syndrome ;
61. jejunoileostomy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0400312) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
12. Jacobson's organ
[A specialized part of the olfactory system located anteriorly in the nasal cavity within the nasal septum. Chemosensitive cells of the vomeronasal organ project via the vomeronasal nerve to the accessory olfactory bulb. The primary function of this organ appears to be in sensing pheromones which regulate reproductive and other social behaviors. While the structure has been thought absent in higher primate adults, data now suggests it may be present in adult humans. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0228672) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component
62. Jejunum
[portion of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0022378) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component ;
=Bowel, Small;
13. jail
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C1508776) =Manufactured Object ;
63. Jejunum obstruction
(UMLS (NCI) C1401336) Jejunum Obstruction Adverse Event;
14. Jain
(UMLS (HL7) C0337694) =Idea or Concept ;
Religious Affiliation
64. JejunumRoute
[Jejunum ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1700120) =Functional Concept ;
=Instillation, gastro-jejunostomy tube;
Instillation, jejunostomy tube;
Instillation, orojejunum tube
15. JAK kinase
[nonEC; family of cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinases. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597721) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme =EC;
65. jellyfish
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0022381) =Invertebrate ;
16. JAK1
[This gene plays a role in signal transduction. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1334290) JAK1 Gene;
Janus Kinase 1 (A Protein Tyrosine Kinase) Gene;
=Gene or Genome ;
66. Jemez
(UMLS (HL7) C1551889) Towa;
=Language =KiowaTanoan;
17. JAK2
[This gene is involved in erythropoiesis and signal transduction. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1334291) JAK2 Gene;
Janus Kinase 2 (A Protein Tyrosine Kinase) Gene;
=Gene or Genome ;
67. jen shen
[An araliaceous genus of plants that contains a number of pharmacologically active agents used as stimulants, sedatives, and tonics, especially in traditional medicine. Sometimes confused with Siberian ginseng (ELEUTHEROCOCCUS). ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0086767) =Plant ;
18. JAK3
[This protein is a member of janus family. JAK3 functions in signal transduction and interacts with members of the STAT (signal transduction and activators of transcription) family. JAK3 is predominantly expressed in immune cells and transduces a signal in response to its activation via tyrosine phosphorylation by interleukin receptors. Mutations that abrogate janus kinase 3 function cause an autosomal SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency disease). (from LocusLink) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0253457) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme ;
68. Jena Band of Choctaw Indians, Louisiana
(UMLS (HL7) C1554334) =Population Group =NativeEntityContiguous;
19. JAK3
[This gene plays a role in signal transduction. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1334292) JAK3 Gene;
Janus Kinase 3 (A Protein Tyrosine Kinase, Leukocyte) Gene;
=Gene or Genome ;
69. jerveratrum
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599599) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
20. JAM
[An island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba. (NCI) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0022337) =Geographic Area ;
70. Jewett-Marshall Stage B1 Bladder Cancer
(UMLS (NCI) C1336154) Jewett-Marshall Stage B1 Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Jewett-Marshall Stage B1 Urinary Bladder Carcinoma;
Stage IIA Bladder Cancer;
Stage IIA Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Stage IIA Urinary Bladder Carcinoma;
=Neoplastic Process
21. Jamaica vomiting sickness
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599148) =Organic Chemical; Hazardous or Poisonous Substance
71. Jewett-Marshall Stage B2 Bladder Cancer
(UMLS (NCI) C1336176) Jewett-Marshall Stage B2 Bladder Carcinoma;
Jewett-Marshall Stage B2 Urinary Bladder Carcinoma;
Stage IIB Bladder Cancer;
Stage IIB Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Stage IIB Urinary Bladder Carcinoma =Neoplastic Process
22. Jamaican
[Denotes the inhabitants of Jamaica, a person from there, or their descendants elsewhere. ( NCI )] (UMLS (HL7) C0240072) =Population Group ;
=African American;
72. Jewett-Marshall Stage D1 Bladder Cancer
[Stage IV includes T4b, NO,MO/any T NI, MO/ any T N2 MO,/ any T N3 MO/ any T any N M1 : T4b: Tumor invades the pelvic wall, abdominal wall. N1: Metastasis in a single lymph node, 2 cm or less in greatest dimension. N2: Metastasis in a single lymph node, more than 2 cm but not more than 5 cm in greatest dimension; or multiple lymph nodes, none more than 5 cm in greatest dimension. N3: Metastasis in a lymph node more than 5 cm in greatest dimension. M1: Distant metastasis. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1336332) Jewett-Marshall Stage D1 Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Jewett-Marshall Stage D1 Urinary Bladder Carcinoma;
Stage IVA Bladder Cancer;
Stage IVA Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Stage IVA Urinary Bladder Carcinoma =Neoplastic Process
23. Jambul
[An herb obtained from the plant Eugenia jambolana. Jambul seeds and fruits have important carminative and astringent properties and may reduce blood sugar levels. This agent contains glucosides, jamboline and ellagic acid which may check the conversion of starch into sugar. Jambul may have chemoprotective and chemopreventive effects. (NCI04) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0885809) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
73. Jewett-Marshall Stage D2 Bladder Cancer
[Stage IV includes T4b, NO,MO/any T NI, MO/ any T N2 MO,/ any T N3 MO/ any T any N M1 : T4b: Tumor invades the pelvic wall, abdominal wall. N1: Metastasis in a single lymph node, 2 cm or less in greatest dimension. N2: Metastasis in a single lymph node, more than 2 cm but not more than 5 cm in greatest dimension; or multiple lymph nodes, none more than 5 cm in greatest dimension. N3: Metastasis in a lymph node more than 5 cm in greatest dimension. M1: Distant metastasis. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1336362) Jewett-Marshall Stage D2 Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Jewett-Marshall Stage D2 Urinary Bladder Carcinoma;
Stage IVB Bladder Cancer;
Stage IVB Urinary Bladder Cancer;
Stage IVB Urinary Bladder Carcinoma =Neoplastic Process
24. Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe of Washington
(UMLS (HL7) C1554332) =Population Group =NativeEntityContiguous;
74. Jewish
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0178443) =Population Group ;
=ethnic group;
religious group
25. Jamul Indian Village of California
(UMLS (HL7) C1554333) =Population Group =NativeEntityContiguous;
75. Jewish
[The religion of the Jews characterized by belief in one God and in the mission of the Jews to teach the Fatherhood of God as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures. (Webster, 3d ed) ( MSH )] (UMLS (HL7) C0022422) =Idea or Concept ;
Religious Affiliation
26. Japanese
[native or inhabitant of Japan. ( CSP )] (UMLS (HL7) C1556094) =Population Group =Asian;
76. Jewish: Conservative
(UMLS (HL7) C1546365) =Idea or Concept =religion;
27. Japanese American
[any person with Japanese ethnic background whose home or birthplace is in the Americas. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0022343) =Population Group ;
=Asian American;
77. Jewish: Orthodox
(UMLS (HL7) C1546366) =Idea or Concept =religion;
28. Japanese B virus
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598743) =Virus ;
78. Jewish: Other
(UMLS (HL7) C1546367) =Idea or Concept =religion;
29. Japanese Chemistry
[Clinical examination classification code. Japan Association of Clinical Pathology. Version 8, 1990. A multiaxial code including a subject code (e.g., Rubella = 5f395, identification code (e.g., virus ab IGG), a specimen code (e.g., serum =023) and a method code (e.g., ELISA = 022) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1547147) =Intellectual Product =Code;
79. Jewish: Reconstructionist
(UMLS (HL7) C1546368) =Idea or Concept =religion;
30. Japanese Chin
[The Japanese Chin is a small spaniel with a short, broad face, and a soft, feathered coat. A thick ruff covers the neck and chest. The nose is wide and the nostrils open. The upside-down, v-shaped ears are well covered with hair. The coat comes in white with colored patches, most often black, but sometimes red, yellow, orange, sable or brindle. Height: 7-11 inches (18-28 cm.) Weight: up to 9 pounds (4 kg.) There are two classes of Japanese Spaniels: under 7 pounds, and over 7 pounds. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0324387) =Mammal
80. Jewish: Reform
(UMLS (HL7) C1546369) =Idea or Concept =religion;
31. Japanese encephalitis
[Japanese encephalitis vaccine ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0771080) JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS VIRUS VACCINE;
=Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor =[IM100] VACCINES;
Japanese encephalitis;
Unclassified Ingredients;
Vaccines administered (code = CVX)(parenteral, unless oral is noted);
VaccineType =Japanese encephalitis;
81. Jewish: Renewal
(UMLS (HL7) C1546370) =Idea or Concept =religion;
32. Japanese encephalitis virus
[species of flavivirus, one of the Japanese encephalitis virus group, which is the etiological agent of Japanese encephalitis found in Asia, southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent; infects man, birds, pigs and horses; probably transmitted by mosquitos. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0014047) =Virus ;
[Easter Sunday. The Easter date is a rather complex calculation based on Astronomical tables describing full moon dates. Details can be found at [, and]. Note that the Christian Orthodox Holidays are based on the Julian calendar. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550757) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
33. Japanese Image Examination Cache
(UMLS (HL7) C1547148) =Intellectual Product =Code;
[Good Friday, is the Friday right before Easter Sunday. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550758) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
34. Japanese Nationwide Medicine Code
(UMLS (HL7) C1550210) =Intellectual Product =Code;
[New Year's Day (January 1) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550756) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
35. JAR
[A rigid container having a wide mouth and often no neck which typically holds solid or semisolid drug products. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0181427) =Medical Device =MultiUseContainerEntityType;
[Pentecost Sunday, is seven weeks after Easter (the 50th day of Easter). ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550759) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
[This gene is involved in DNA-dependent transcriptional regulation. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1425259) JARID1B Gene;
Jumonji, AT Rich Interactive Domain 1B (RBP2-Like) Gene =Gene or Genome
[Christmas Eve (December 24) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550754) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
37. jasmolin
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0304161) =Organic Chemical; Hazardous or Poisonous Substance ;
[Christmas Day (December 25) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550755) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysChristianRoman;
38. jasmolone
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599259) =Hazardous or Poisonous Substance ;
[Columbus Day, the second Monday in October. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552638) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
39. Jaundice
[clinical manifestation of hyperbilirubinemia, consisting of deposition of bile pigments in the skin, resulting in a yellowish staining of the skin and mucous membranes.(CSP)] (UMLS (ICPC) C0022346) (Jaundice; IKTERIZIA; Gulsot icterus; Geelzucht; KELTAISUUS; Jaunisse; Gelbsucht/Ikterus; tzahevet; sargasag; Ittero; GULSOTT/IKTERUS; Ictericia; Ictericia; GULSOT/ICTERUS) =Pathologic Function ;
=Body System, Gastrointestinal; hyperbilirubinemia; Clinical Finding; Skin Manifestations; Symptoms and Complaints Component; =Bile Duct Obstruction, Extrahepatic; Cholestasis, Intrahepatic; Jaundice, Neonatal;
[Independence Day (4th of July) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552634) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0476232) =Sign or Symptom
[Alternative Monday after 4th of July Weekend [5 U.S.C. 6103(b)]. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552636) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
41. jaw
[bony structure of the mouth that holds the teeth; consists of the mandible and the maxilla. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0022359) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component ;
Body Part =Jaw Joint;
[Alternative Friday before 4th of July Weekend [5 U.S.C. 6103(b)]. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552635) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0029772) =Disease or Syndrome
[Labor Day, the first Monday in September. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552637) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
43. jaw fracture
[Fractures of the upper or lower jaw. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0022363) =Injury or Poisoning ;
=Maxillofacial Injuries;
FRACTURE OF SKULL =Mandible Fracture;
Maxillary Fractures;
[Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550763) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
44. Jaw Joint
[temporomandibular articulation: a bicondylar joint formed by the head of the mandible and the mandibular fossa, and the articular tubercle of the temporal bone. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0039493) =Body Space or Junction ;
[Friday before Memorial Day Weekend ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550764) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
45. Jaw Keratocyst
(UMLS (NCI) C0341038) =Disease or Syndrome
[Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550765) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
46. jaw movement
[act, process, or result of the jaw passing from one position to another. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0596807) =Organ or Tissue Function ;
=body movement;
[Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the third Monday in January. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550761) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
47. Jaw Osteonecrosis
[An area of necrotic bone in the mandible or maxilla. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1401381) ONJ;
Osteonecrosis of Jaw =Disease or Syndrome
[Washington's Birthday (Presidential Day) the third Monday in February. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550762) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
48. Jaw sprain
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0160113) =Injury or Poisoning
[Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552640) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
49. Jaw symptoms/complaints
(UMLS (ICPC) C0497261) (Jaw symptoms/complaints; S./K. BARAILA; Sympt/klage fra kaebe; Kaak symptomen/klachten; LEUAN OIREET/VAIVAT; Sympt plaintes machoire; Symptome/Beschwerden Kiefer; tlunot o simpt'- leset; allkapocs tunet/panasz; Sintomi/disturbi mandibola; KJEVE SYMPT/PLAGER; Sinais/sintomas da mandibula; S/s de la mandibula; SYMPTOM/KLAGOMAL BETR KAKE) =Sign or Symptom =musculoskeletal; Symptoms and Complaints Component
[Friday after Thanksgiving. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552641) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;
50. JB
[Regular business days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays) ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550751) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviation;
[Veteran's Day, November 11. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552639) =Temporal Concept =GTSAbbreviationHolidaysUSNational;

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