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1. (-)-Quinine
[quinine ascorbate is listed by USP as a smoking deterrent. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034417) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance ;
Cinchona Alkaloids;
1 benzazine;
51. QCN/ACK _ Cancel query/acknowledge message
(UMLS (HL7) C1549210) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
2. 11q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 11 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796366) Chromosome 11 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 11 Long Arm;
Chromosome 11q =Nucleotide Sequence
(UMLS (NCI) C0280653) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
3. 11q23
[A chromosome band present on 11q ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796367) Chromosome 11q23 =Nucleotide Sequence
53. QOC
[The degree or grade of excellence with respect to medical services received by patients, administered by providers or programs, in terms of technical competence, need, appropriateness, acceptability, humanity and structure. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0871200) Quality of Care;
=Qualitative Concept ;
4. 14q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 14 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1327813) Chromosome 14 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 14 Long Arm;
Chromosome 14q =Nucleotide Sequence ;
54. QOL
[subjective measurement of an individual's well being. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0518214) =Finding =health;
5. 18q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 18 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796350) Chromosome 18 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 18 Long Arm;
Chromosome 18q =Nucleotide Sequence
55. QRF - Waveform result, response to query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549401) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
6. 1q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 1 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1327882) Chromosome 1 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 1 Long Arm;
Chromosome 1q;
=Nucleotide Sequence ;
56. QRY - PC/ goal query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549293) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
7. 2,4-Quinazolinediamine, 5-methyl-6-[[(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)amino]methyl]-
[2,4-diamino-5-methyl-6-(3,4,5-trimethoxy anilinomethyl)quinazoline; one of the most widely used cancer chemotherapeutic agents. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0085176) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance =[AN000] ANTINEOPLASTICS;
57. QRY - PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549303) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
8. 4q Chemokine
[Members of the Alpha-Chemokines are referred to also as the 4q chemokine family because the genes encoding members of this family map to human chromosome 4q12-21. The first two cysteine residues of members of this family are separated by a single amino acids and these proteins, therefore, are called also CXC-Chemokines. Some members of the subgroup of the human CXC-Chemokines are defined by the conserved ELR sequence motif (glutamic acid-leucine-arginine) immediately preceding the first cysteine residue near the amino-terminal end. Chemokines with an ELR sequence motif have been found to chemoattract and activate primarily neutrophils. Chemokines without the ELR sequence motif appear to chemoattract and activate monocytes, dendritic cells, T-cells, NK-cells, B-lymphocytes, basophils, and eosinophils. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0282553) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Immunologic Factor
58. QRY - PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549298) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
9. 5q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 5 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796347) Chromosome 5 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 5 Long Arm;
Chromosome 5q;
=Nucleotide Sequence
59. QRY - PC/ problem query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549288) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
10. 5q- Syndrome
[5Q minus syndrome. A rare disorder caused by loss of part of the long arm (Q arm) of human chromosome 5. This syndrome affects myeloid (bone marrow) cells, causing treatment-resistant anemia, and myelodysplastic syndromes that may lead to acute myelogenous leukemia. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0740302) Myelodysplastic Syndrome Associated with Isolated del (5q) Chromosome Abnormality =Disease or Syndrome ;
60. QRY - Query for results of observation
(UMLS (HL7) C1549330) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
11. 5q31
[A chromosome band present on 5q ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796362) Chromosome 5q31 =Nucleotide Sequence
61. QRY/ADR - Patient query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549134) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
12. 6-Quinoxalinamine, 5-Bromo-N-(4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-,(2R,3R)-2,3-dihydroxybutanedioate(1:1)
[The tartrate salt form of brimonidine, an imidazole derivative and a selective alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonist. Upon ocular administration, brimonidine tartrate acts on the blood vessels causing them to constrict which leads to a decrease in the production of aqueous humor. Brimonidine tartrate also enhances the outflow of aqueous humor. This drug is used in the treatment of glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0077768) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance ;
62. QRY/DOC - Document query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549381) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
13. 7q
[Distal (long) arm of chromosome 7 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796361) Chromosome 7 Distal Arm;
Chromosome 7 Long Arm;
Chromosome 7q =Nucleotide Sequence
63. QRY/DSP - Generate bill and A/R statements
(UMLS (HL7) C1549276) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
14. 7q31
[A chromosome band present on 7q ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796363) Chromosome 7q31 =Nucleotide Sequence
64. QRY/DSR - Query sent for immediate response
(UMLS (HL7) C1549305) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
15. Q
[Mandibular right lateral primary incisor ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0227101) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component =Primary dentition;
65. QRY/DSR Display-oriented results, query/unsol. update (for backward compatibility only) (Replaced by Q05)
(UMLS (HL7) C1549331) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
16. Q fever
[Q fever vaccine ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0872996) =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
=Vaccines administered (code = CVX)(parenteral, unless oral is noted);
66. QRY/QCK - Query sent for deferred response
(UMLS (HL7) C1549306) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
17. Q fever
[acute infectious disease caused by Coxiella burnetii; characterized by a sudden onset of fever,headache, malaise, and weakness; in humans, it is commonly contracted by inhalation of infected dusts derived from infected domestic animals. ( CSP )] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0034362) =Disease or Syndrome =respiratory infection;
Rickettsia Infections;
Rickettsiaceae Infections;
67. QS
[cell cell signal mechanism where bacteria secrete hormone like compounds (autoinducers) that interact with bacterial transcription regulators that drive gene expression. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C1154599) quorum sensing;
=Cell Function =microbial interaction;
18. Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method
[Molecular, Q-Beta Replicase or probe amplification category method ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1553164) =Laboratory Procedure =ObservationMethod;
68. Qs
[Supernumerary mandibular right lateral primary incisor ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552159) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component =SUPERNUMERARY TEETH;
19. Q01
(UMLS (HL7) C1548713) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
69. QS
[Every week. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0332174) =Temporal Concept
20. Q01, Q26, Q27, Q28, Q29, Q30
(UMLS (HL7) C1549873) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
70. QS21
[A plant extract that may improve the ability of the immune system to respond to disease. It is being studied in combination with vaccine therapy. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0211668) =Steroid; Pharmacologic Substance ;
21. Q02
(UMLS (HL7) C1549874) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
71. QS21/RAS peptide cancer vaccine
(UMLS (NCI) C0935693) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
22. Q03
(UMLS (HL7) C1548714) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
72. QS21/TF(c)-KLH
(UMLS (NCI) C0796637) QS21/TF(c)-KLH Conjugate Vaccine =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
23. Q04
(UMLS (HL7) C1549787) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
73. QS21/Tn(c)-KLH
(UMLS (NCI) C0678072) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
24. Q05
(UMLS (HL7) C1549925) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
74. QS21/Tyrosinase Peptide
(UMLS (NCI) C0338255) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
25. Q06
(UMLS (HL7) C1549844) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
75. QSB _ Create subscription
(UMLS (HL7) C1549317) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
26. Q07
(UMLS (HL7) C1549926) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
76. QSX/ACK _ Cancel subscription/acknowledge message
(UMLS (HL7) C1549211) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
27. Q08
(UMLS (HL7) C1549914) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
77. QTL
[chromosome site containing alleles that influence a continuously distributed or quantitative trait. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597336) =Gene or Genome ;
28. Q09
(UMLS (HL7) C1549901) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
78. Quaalude
(UMLS (NCI) C0702212) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
29. Q11
(UMLS (HL7) C1549863) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
79. Quad-FERM+
[Identification, Quad-FERM+ ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1553142) =Laboratory Procedure =ObservationMethod;
30. Q13
(UMLS (HL7) C1549864) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
80. Quadramet
(UMLS (NCI) C0701498) =Organic Chemical; Pharmacologic Substance
31. Q15
(UMLS (HL7) C1549865) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0337354) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
32. Q16
(UMLS (HL7) C1549877) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
82. Quadrant, Left Lower
(UMLS (HL7) C0439737) =Spatial Concept =Body Site Modifier;
33. Q17
(UMLS (HL7) C1549878) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
83. Quadrant, Left Upper
(UMLS (HL7) C0439735) =Spatial Concept =Body Site Modifier;
34. Q21, Q22, Q23,Q24, Q25
(UMLS (HL7) C1549866) =Intellectual Product =Message structure;
84. Quadrant, Right Lower
(UMLS (HL7) C0439736) =Spatial Concept =Body Site Modifier;
35. QA
[A country in the Middle East, occupying a peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. (NCI) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034366) =Geographic Area
85. Quadrant, Right Upper
(UMLS (HL7) C0439734) =Spatial Concept =Body Site Modifier;
36. QA
[Programs of regular assessment of medical and nursing activities to evaluate the quality of medical care including all actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0178932) =Occupational Activity
86. Quadratus Lumborum
(UMLS (NCI) C0224380) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component
37. QA number
(UMLS (HL7) C1548642) =Intellectual Product =Practitioner ID number type;
◊ (UMLS (HL7) C1549741) Idea or Concept Identifier type;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0188107) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
38. Qagan Tayagungin Tribe of Sand Point Village
(UMLS (HL7) C1550968) =Population Group =NativeEntityAlaska;
88. Quadrigeminal Artery
(UMLS (NCI) C0923798) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component
39. QALY
[A measure of the health of a population that combines an assessment of both mortality and disability. (Taber's) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0080071) =Temporal Concept ;
89. Quadrigeminal Cistern
(UMLS (NCI) C0228150) =Body Space or Junction
40. Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska
(UMLS (HL7) C1550969) =Population Group =NativeEntityAlaska;
90. quadriplegia
[Paralysis of all four limbs. ( NCI )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034372) =Disease or Syndrome =paralysis;
41. QBP - Personnel Information by Segment Query
(UMLS (HL7) C1549323) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
91. Quadriplegia and quadriparesis
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0375221) =Sign or Symptom
42. QBP - Query by parameter requesting an RDY display response
(UMLS (HL7) C1549316) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156900) =Disease or Syndrome
43. QBP - Query by parameter requesting an RSP segment pattern response
(UMLS (HL7) C1549314) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156899) =Organism Function
44. QBP - Query by parameter requesting an RTB - tabular response
(UMLS (HL7) C1549315) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
94. Quadruplet pregnancy
(UMLS (ICD9CM) C0152152) =Organism Function
45. QBP _ Allocate identifiers
(UMLS (HL7) C1549322) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
95. Quadruplet pregnancy with fetal loss and retention of one or more fetus(es)
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156909) =Disease or Syndrome
46. QBP _ Find candidates
(UMLS (HL7) C1549320) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
96. Quadruplet pregnancy with fetal loss and retention of one or more fetus(es), antepartum condition or complication
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156912) =Disease or Syndrome
47. QBP _ Get corresponding identifiers
(UMLS (HL7) C1549321) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
97. Quadruplet pregnancy with fetal loss and retention of one or more fetus(es), delivered, with or without mention of antepartum condition
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156911) =Disease or Syndrome
48. QBP _ Get person demographics
(UMLS (HL7) C1549319) =Health Care Activity =Event Type;
98. Quadruplet pregnancy with fetal loss and retention of one or more fetus(es), unspecified as to episode of care or not applicable
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156910) =Disease or Syndrome
49. QC Error
(UMLS (HL7) C1550139) =Idea or Concept =Substance status;
99. Quadruplet pregnancy, unspecified as to episode of care
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156898) =Biologic Function
50. QC Warning
(UMLS (HL7) C1550140) =Idea or Concept =Substance status;
100. quail
[small gallinaceous game birds. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034374) =Bird =Aves;

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