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For individuals and organizations: Learning management systems with exams, tests, quizes, puzzles. Healthcare websites with Electronic Medical Records, Medical Billing. Medical Terminology. Medical Writing. Internet stores, drugstores. Portals. Blogs. Catalogs. Web Links. Documents and News Publishing. Library System. Search and Filters. Files management. Voting System. Graphics. Forums. Chat. Image Galleries. Social Networking. Ad Management etc. Websites for Medical Organization. Physicians. Opticians. Pharmacy. Stores. Shopping Center. Travel Agency. Hotel reservation... We are creating highly interactive and good-looking websites that are easy to navigate, from small websites of 1-5 pages to big databases of millions rows. A websites compatible with multiple platforms including smartphones.

Websites. Directory.

Content Management Systems. Business Directory. Classifieds. LMS (Learning Management) . Online Classrooms. Portals. Blogs. Catalogs. Events. Social Network Integration.

Website Elements.

Google maps. Javascript maps. Multilingual website navigation systems. Menus. Buttons. Banners. Graphics. Interactive lines, columnes, pie charts, tables.


Shopping carts. Beautiful, powerful and easy to use different store templates for small or big shops, that sell thousands of products. Payment Gateways and Shipping Methods.


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, XML, and other are some of the common technologies used to build a solid architectural foundation for a website project.

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Content management systems make it easy for clients to edit and upgrade websites in the future...


E-commerce. Stores.

Glasses store. Website. Webdesign shop. Website. Nutrition store. Website. Webdesign shop. Website. Photo & calendar design. Website. eBay store. Website.

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