Dear visitor, what you need to rent new or existing and established website?

You can buy website hosting in the Sub-Directory of, as long as you wish, and place your own articles, news, events, advertisements.
Also we can design new website with low prices (50% off) for you with your own domain name and hosting.
For example: If website price is $250 in the shop, you can buy it for $125, if you have member account and renting member website.

Business Directory.
Events Registration.
Submit/Edit a Listing.
Search Listings.
Create Categories.
Write Posts and Pages.
Image Galleries.
12 themes and styles.
Submitting to the major search engines
Internet advertisment: 5000 banner view
Additional available. $20 monthly.
E-commerce. Shopping. Products galleries. Auction.
Learning management. Lessons, Tests, Exams.
Tourist Information Center. Travel Agency. Hotel reservation. Health Club. Public Swimming Pool. Animal Shelter. Accounting Service. Amusement Park. Art Gallery. Attorney. Auto Parts Store. Beauty Salon. Bed And Breakfast. Bike Store. Book Store. Cafe Or CoffeeShop. Child Care. Clothing Store. Comedy Club. Computer Store. Day Spa. Dentist. Department Store. Diagnostic Lab. Dry Cleaning Or Laundry. Electrician. Electronics Store. Employment Agency. Entertainment Business. Exercise Gym. Fast Food Restaurant. Financial Service. Food Establishment. Furniture Store. Garden Store. Internet Cafe. Insurance Agency. JewelryStore. Medical Clinic. Medical Organization. Music Store. Nail Salon. Optician. Pet Store. Pharmacy. Physician. Plumber. Professional Service. Real Estate Agent. Restaurant. Shoe Store. Shopping Center. Ski Resort. Sports Activity Location. Sporting Goods Store. Tattoo Parlor. Tennis Complex. Toy Store. Veterinary Care. Winery

Web designer support available for installing of specific plugins or editing of pages.

Simply login to the editor interface with your account credentials and edit posts, galleries, forms, pollings, ratings, google maps, sliders and banners, payment buttons, etc.

Price of website is $10-200/monthly
(depends of programs, that you use in your website and number of visitors).
Examples: $200 monthly $35 monthly $110 monthly $50 monthly $10 monthly $35 monthly $35 monthly $15 monthly $20 monthly $10 monthly $10 monthly
All websites have administrative dashboards.

Websites-subdirectories of of $10 monthly may contain no more than 1000 pages.
$20 monthly: no more than 2000 pages.
$30 monthly: no more than 3000 pages.
$40 monthly: no more than 4000 pages.
Exceptions: glossaries, terminology websites, like
They may contain more than 100 000 pages.

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