Web Design & Hosting

We provide a responsive web design for desktop and mobile applications, standards used in modern web design, learning management systems with exams, tests, quizes, puzzles, healthcare websites with electronic medical records, terminology, internet stores, drugstores, portals, blogs, catalogs, documents and news publishing, graphics, image galleries, social networking, etc...

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Websites with photos, videos, maps, graphics, crosswords, puzzles and shopping cart. Modern, responsive HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, XML websites.
Price begin from $10.


Websites with forms and registrations. Educational, travel, e-commerce, real estate, classifieds and directory listings. PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML5 and CSS3 used in the development.
Price begin from $50.


Managed CMS, blogs, portals, LMS with updates and upgrades. Event registration and booking management. Shopping, auction. Education and more.
Price begin from $200.


Secure Hosting allows visitors to access website using the SSL protocol which encrypts the data transmitted between their web browser and your web site.
Price begin from $500.

Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community.